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Because you don't do enough to support your local vet...

Comic #108

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Author's Comment

I'm always appreciative when my horses point out the flaws in the craftsmanship of my stalls and fencing; it's always so helpful.

Uploaded by morgane at 03:05 on 20 March 2013


Posted at 22:11
Thu 21 Mar 2013
by morgane

Hi Amy!

I'm glad you love my work! Thanks for taking the time to let me know. :) And yours isn't a crazy thought! I've been mulling this over a while as I've taken great pains to develop my signature. ;) lol Seriously though, I will take his last name but my last name will replace my middle name. I plan on still signing things with my maiden name or possibly adding my new last name to it.

Gravatar Posted at 00:58
Thu 21 Mar 2013
by Amy

Thanks for the update, Morgane! I love, love, LOVE your 'comics'. I say that in quotes because they're more or less true, though they're drawn.

Question, have you decided if you're taking the Fiancee's last name? I mean, your signature would change on the comics. (Just a crazy thought. I don't know if it actually will affect my life.) lol

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