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A Merry Chase Indeed

Comic #123

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Author's Comment

A great cardiac routine for both horse and rider.

Uploaded by morgane at 00:26 on 03 July 2013


Gravatar Posted at 20:41
Sat 15 Nov 2014
by Morgane S Gabriel

lol Most days indeed! :) This comic was inspired by my good friend whose Dutch gelding likes a merry romp occasionally. Fun for all. ;)

Gravatar Posted at 15:05
Wed 12 Nov 2014
by MB

Too true! On those days when the boss mare won't come in for any sweet offer... break out the whip and remind her she's not queen for the day, haha... All the times I look like a crazy nut chasing my horse are worth it, she's quite the attentive, obedient mare :) ... most days.

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