The Idea of Order

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Chapter 2 Self Assessment

Comic #15

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Author's Comment

Much goes into choosing a suitable mount; I suppose that explains why there's a tendency to mess this process up.

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 23 Febuary 2011


Gravatar Posted at 16:33
Thu 06 Nov 2014
by Sara

lol also about the unicorn part. I used to have a small white Arab in the barn I managed, and she was one of my favorite horses to ride (of course I am 5'1" and not much more than 100 lbs, so we were a good match).

Gravatar Posted at 00:32
Thu 26 Jul 2012
by tori

lol that last part about the unicorn... I am a bit older than a little girl (That did want a unicorn) and a few christmases ago.. my parents got me a small, white arab :)

Gravatar Posted at 01:38
Thu 07 Jun 2012
by Adrienne

I laughed out loud!

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