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It's that time of year...

Comic #157

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I may in fact be the only one who has had the pleasure of cleaning those "little white things" under the rims of the water buckets only to unleash an unholy Hell upon myself in the form of hundreds of baby arachnids. But then again perhaps I'm not. For those lucky enough to have avoided this, do yourself a favor and ask your younger sibling to take care of the buckets. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 01:22 on 19 March 2014


Gravatar Posted at 16:18
Thu 27 Mar 2014
by Amanda

My friend and I recently found a whole in the bunkhouse we stay in at the ranch. Giant Wolf spiders decided the bathroom would be the perfect place to stay. Pretty soon, we have to clean the bathroom out. . . I am not looking forward to battling an army of giant arachnids and their spawns (aka the hundreds of baby spiders that crawl out of the "fuzzy brown balls")

Gravatar Posted at 13:16
Wed 19 Mar 2014
by Holly Evans

Noooooo thank you!

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