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The horror...

Comic #189

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Author's Comment

I know, I know. File this under #PrivilegedEquestrianProblems. Seriously though, I'm not making light of the Ebola crisis, just trying to poke more fun at the awfulness that body clipping is.

Uploaded by morgane at 00:31 on 12 November 2014


Gravatar Posted at 20:44
Wed 12 Nov 2014
by Tina Mann

Oh! yeah! body clipping people paying us to allow their "nice" horse or pony try to kill us.Christy and I would often"take turns" holding and clipping,hair up your nose, and every other place one can imagine, even with full protective gear on!

Gravatar Posted at 02:02
Wed 12 Nov 2014
by christy

what??? i LOVED body artistic labor of love. the end result is...well...bee you tee full.

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