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The aftermath of a show...

Comic #199

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Author's Comment

Having just returned from a week long excursion in CA with the ponies, I can indeed attest to the shoddy packing job that seems to happen when faced with the prospect of FINALLY being done traveling. :/

Uploaded by morgane at 01:12 on 04 Febuary 2015


Gravatar Posted at 21:26
Wed 04 Feb 2015
by Morgane S Gabriel

Jen, me too! I'm fairly organized but it's easy to let that go downhill. Also, I'm glad you enjoy my work; thank you for taking the time to tell me too! :)

Tina, that's a riot! I'm pretty sure the stuff breeds while at the horse show because there always seems to be too much stuff to load back up. lol

Gravatar Posted at 18:59
Wed 04 Feb 2015
by Tina Mann

Glad you had a safe trip, hope you had fun too! I used to have items that were trying to escape, aka hanging out the door and flapping around whilst driving down the road. I actually had a truck driver wave me off the road. Ever notice that all the stuff you went with doesnt always want to fit back in for the ride home?

Gravatar Posted at 09:40
Wed 04 Feb 2015
by Jen

Oh, this is so funny. I start out doing so well with everything in its place. I try so hard to stay organized but my trailer usually ends up in semi-organized chaos. As long as I grab everything I usually call it good.:-P Thank you for your entertaining comics. I always enjoy the comic relief in the horse crazy world :)

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