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Mares 'be like'...

Comic #206

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Author's Comment

So before you go hating on me for this, let me just say that some of the VERY best horses I've ever had have been mares and I do believe that a good mare will give you 110%. That being said, they also tend to have a wicked sense of 'justice' and will be the first to let you know if you're riding like an idiot (or sometimes just that they *think* you are). This can be both a good and bad thing.

Uploaded by morgane at 02:21 on 25 March 2015


Gravatar Posted at 17:33
Tue 05 May 2015
by AB

Not looking forward to showing next year (still training her) for this reason.

Posted at 02:42
Mon 04 May 2015
by Jessi

Oh my gosh, thatīs my Girl :-D

Gravatar Posted at 18:22
Thu 09 Apr 2015
by Joliponey

I really like the old lady judge with the hat!

Gravatar Posted at 20:39
Fri 03 Apr 2015
by Kate

This is true, sometimes there great, and sometimes, there not...

Gravatar Posted at 11:20
Mon 30 Mar 2015
by cate

As a proud owner of the sweetest, kindest, smartest mare, this is hysterical!

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