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So I think most of us who have ever trained a horse can agree that there are times when it just isn't pretty; an awkward moment, an overly exuberant youngster, essentially crap happens. But if those awkward, ugly moments are making up the majority of your ride then I think you need to do a little honest self-reflection. And if you're consciously using said moments you're probably just an asshole (even if you are a 'good' rider).

While I'm not a grand prix rider (yet!), and I acknowledge that I'm not an expert on training horses to that level, it seems to me that this sort of riding is just unnecessary bullshit. Getting a horse lower and deeper to show him how to lift his back is one thing, making him play a sadistic form of equine Twister is something else entirely. The fact that it continues to be rewarded in the international arena is a real shame.

Uploaded by morgane at 02:26 on 07 October 2015


Gravatar Posted at 22:04
Mon 12 Oct 2015
by Ron Smith

This kind of thing is being discouraged by the FEI. In fact, after the winner of the big world Dressage championship got booed this year by the audience, FEI recognized the issue and took steps to call in all their judges and lay down the law. So, hope is still enduring in the respect of cruelty in Dressage.

Gravatar Posted at 17:54
Wed 07 Oct 2015
by Elmo

Wholeheartedly agree. I knew a rider resembling the above who created a horse that would go over backwards on the rider. Ugh. Started out a really nice horse. The rider was a locally "important" dressage person. People talked but nobody did anything. sigh

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