The Idea of Order

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Equestrian Tans...

Comic #257

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Author's Comment

...are somewhat sketchy at best. Which is one reason that I douse my arms and face in a gallon or so of sunscreen daily (that and the fact that I'd like to avoid looking like a walnut when I'm 35). ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 00:58 on 20 April 2016


Gravatar Posted at 02:55
Sat 22 Oct 2016
by Lacey

In the final stanza, he cries out at the "maker's rage to order words of the sea" and how the "rage for order" connects to themselves and their origins.

Gravatar Posted at 02:00
Fri 22 Apr 2016
by Methehorseaddict:)

Too true!

Gravatar Posted at 09:19
Wed 20 Apr 2016
by Abigail C

Haha! The glove tan is so real.

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