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Rio 2016: Phillip Dutton be like...

Comic #273

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Author's Comment

This week's comic is for my eventing fans, particularly those who tuned in the last few days to watch some truly fabulous riding. Even if I'm a DQ these days I have to admit that I love watching talented pairs go cross country. Given that it's the Olympics, it probably isn't shocking that the course in Rio was challenging to say the least. One of the most spectacular moments for me was watching Phillip Dutton's ride, particularly his riding at fence 6b, where he somehow managed to magic himself back into the saddle after Mighty Nice misunderstood the fence (AND keep Mighty Nice on course). If you missed it, you need to go back and watch. That was outstanding riding! Seriously, that man is a genius. Today it was followed by more of the same and Phillip and Mighty Nice went on to win the individual bronze.:D As a sort of tribute to that I've made this week's comic....

Uploaded by morgane at 01:33 on 10 August 2016


Gravatar Posted at 22:45
Thu 22 Jun 2017
by Ashley

Ugh, I meant "you're".

Gravatar Posted at 22:44
Thu 22 Jun 2017
by Ashley

Your a wizard, Phillip!

Gravatar Posted at 09:54
Thu 11 Aug 2016
by Abigail C

I watched that and was like "HOW is he still on the horse???"

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