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White Horse Problems...

Comic #308

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Author's Comment

Having just arrived from our first show of the year, AND the first show The Paintlet has attended in a year or two, I have been acutely reminded of the pains involved in keeping the white or grey horse presentable. Despite 14 baths over a three day period, and the fact that I think my fingers are permanently dyed purple, The Paintlet still managed to find new and unique ways to make himself some shade of yellow, green, or brown. A less stubborn (more intelligent?) individual than myself might have actually given in, but I persevered and managed to keep him a marginally presentable 'dull beige.' ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 00:24 on 12 April 2017


Gravatar Posted at 23:34
Tue 16 May 2017
by Lana

Have a Medicine Hat as well. This couldn't be more true. #pinkskinnedponyproblems

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