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This is how you tell that your horse is indeed still mad at you....

So I got another horse (as if my life isn't chaotic enough). His name is Flirt and he's a 16.2 hand, black, Dutch gelding that I hope to bring up the levels in dressage. Not surprisingly, "His Majesty" (Woody) is not taking it very well and has proceeded to give me the hairy eyeball since Flirt arrived. When I go out to ride Flirt, Woody glares (even though it's doubtful he wants to be worked in the 108 degree weather); when I groom Flirt, Woody glares, and may the Gods that be be damned if I give Flirt a TREAT Woody might as well have lasers for eyeballs. Ah the joys of sibling rivalry. I suppose he'll settle in sooner or later....

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 29 June 2011


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