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Horses = Entropy

Comic #326

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Truly, this is why we can't have nice things. ;) It is also why we need to be independently wealthy. Honestly, I think we've all had this horse, or at least one who was equally, albeit perhaps differently, destructive. ;) At the moment we have two baby warmbloods who find sheer joy in pulling down every fence they can touch. These guys FLOSS with live hot wire for fun, so there's not a lot of deterring them. As I do NOT find any type of joy in fixing fences, I can only hope this phase shall pass.

Uploaded by morgane at 23:44 on 22 August 2017


Gravatar Posted at 21:02
Wed 23 Aug 2017
by Heather Nuckles

Best thing I ever found for chewers is a product called McNasty. You spray it on and it tastes AWEFUL. Worth a try.

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