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Happy Thanksgiving....

Comic #338

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Author's Comment

Certainly this list is just the tip of the iceberg regarding things I'm thankful for, but it's a start. :) I hope you all have a wonderful time this holiday season with your friends and family, two-legged and four.

Uploaded by morgane at 01:19 on 22 November 2017


Gravatar Posted at 06:15
Thu 14 Dec 2017
by Kathy Wismer

I love your work! This one is spot-on (as are most of them for me!). Lovely illustrations too :)

Gravatar Posted at 20:41
Wed 22 Nov 2017
by Jim Thrush

This is great but you need to make a couple of changes to include wives, friends, family and innocent bystanders. There are still a few horse crazy men out there. By my own admission I am one of them.

Gravatar Posted at 10:10
Wed 22 Nov 2017
by Jennifer Thurston

OPEN SPACE - Riding horses in an arena only is not riding. But without private land conservation and public park support there will be no more trails, cross country, and real hunter riding.

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