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Equine Shower Thought?

Comic #369

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Author's Comment

So, for those unfamiliar with what a shower thought is, feel free to hit up Reddit. ;) A brief, and perhaps telling, example would be the following exchange with The Husband:
Me: "What if the crazy people who hear voices aren't *really* crazy, but are just tuned into a different dimension or something that we don't hear?"
Husband: "......"
Me: "What? I'm not saying they're *NOT* crazy....just...I dunno, maybe they aren't?...."
Husband: *Slowly walks away*

So, in that vein, I wonder if our horses have 'Shower Thoughts' about us...(I am sure this in itself is somewhat metaphysical). :D

Uploaded by morgane at 00:56 on 26 September 2018


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