The Idea of Order

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Yes, why not indeed...

Comic #78

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Author's Comment

I asked my friend this the other day and managed to keep a straight face; as you might imagine she was less than amused.

Uploaded by morgane at 04:39 on 15 August 2012


Posted at 03:02
Mon 20 Aug 2012
by morgane

I think most of us have been there! :) Sometimes it's such a subtle difference but it makes all the difference to the horse.

I've not yet done any illustrative work for horse books but am very interested in doing so. :)

Gravatar Posted at 02:33
Sun 19 Aug 2012
by lady

I ride under two different trainers. One is like this except you were almost always the one making a mistake. The other will do the same things you were doing but get different results. It's MADDENING.

Gravatar Posted at 12:10
Sat 18 Aug 2012
by Kathy Farris

Do you do artistic drawings for horse books?

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