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It's inevitable...

Comic #79

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...Or why you should never trust a hose to be left unattended while on. Really, no matter how well you think you've wedged it in the water trough it has been my experience that it will ultimately prove to you just how precariously perched it actually was. Honestly it wouldn't take much to convince me that they're all actually a little possessed.

Uploaded by morgane at 04:50 on 22 August 2012


Gravatar Posted at 08:59
Wed 22 Aug 2012
by Vanessa

I was JUST thinking about installing some sort of clips on my tank for the hose! :)

Posted at 07:37
Wed 22 Aug 2012
by judi

Hoses are the Devil's spawn. Always just a foot too short or just as they are in place invariably there will be a kink. And their abilty to tie themselves in endles impossible knots...possessed I say!

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