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And so it begins...Happy 2012!

Posted 04:44
Thu 26 January
by morgane

As many of you may have noticed, my comic has been a bit dead for the last couple of months. It turns out it’s rather difficult to update a comic when you’re bouncing from state to state (New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Florida, and then finally back to Nevada) and hauling horses sometime in between (who would have thought?). Even when one has comics drawn, it’s somewhat futile getting them online when your scanner is in some random box with the military movers (turns out I can’t just majik* that crap on there. Damn.) But, thankfully, we have finally made it to Reno, NV–having escaped Clovistan in all her cow-stink glory– and things are starting to settle.
The Boyfriend is officially retired from the Air Force (read: currently unemployed but getting some cash) and I am looking for some sort of job that either a) pays really well, or, b) pays crappily but leaves me enough time to play with the horses (read: also currently unemployed but mooching entirely off The Boyfriend :( ). Since I’m not sure how soon plans a or b will be realized, I’ve since starting putting in my application to the University of Nevada for their MBA program; if I’m going to be poor I might as well use the time to get a degree that might land me a job that actually pays well in the future.
In the meantime, and only because The Boyfriend is incredibly supportive– we have a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding his plane and my horses–, I’ve got Woody (and Flirt for the time being) boarded at Franktown Meadows which, by way of an awesome indoor arena, has allowed me to ride despite this snow garbage. He’s also agreed to finance lessons from the resident dressage instructor, Seana Adamson. Thus far the lessons have been incredible and I feel quite lucky to finally be able to take from a professional again. The plan for this year is to campaign Woody at some rated shows so that I can get some ring time and become more competent before I try to bring along a younger horse. I’m also aiming for my USDF bronze medal so hopefully Woody and I can get some qualifying scores together (given all he and I have done together it seems a fitting, if somewhat lofty, goal). So far we’re schooling 2nd/3rd with the intent to show 1st this spring and I’m pretty stoked about it.
Unfortunately Flirt, my Dutch horse that I purchased last June, has come up with a relatively severe, and thus far mystery, hind end lameness. :( Given my current hobo status and that price of board is more than our mortgage was in Clovis (and that it’s entirely unfair to keep having The Boyfriend and his parents pay to try to find/fix it) I’m in the process of rehoming Flirt. It’s a major let down, and beyond frustrating, but I’m just going to chalk it up to the fact that sometimes (usually) things don’t go to plan. And as depressing as it may be, the honest truth is that my life must be going pretty damn well when one of my biggest problems is a lame horse. Basically, the end result is that instead of making my rated show debut on my fancy warmblood I’ll be coming down centerline on the stubby little pony; there are certainly worse things in life (like flying clown monkeys, or, *gasp* having NO horse). I guess we shall see how far a little QH can go in the rated shows. :) Please keep your fingers crossed for us.
So anyway, it looks like this will be a year for a metamorphosis of sorts (hopefully in a non-Kafkaesque way). While the relative ambiguity still makes me occasionally want to curl up into a ball in a dark hole somewhere, I’m attempting to embrace it –or at least keep the waves of nausea at bay.
Though it may seem as though I’ve forsaken this project, I want to assure you all that isn’t the case. I also want to thank all twelve or so of you (up from 6!) for reading and following this site; I certainly appreciate it. I should have this year’s first official comic up by Wednesday (Feb 1st) and will be once more trying to maintain my weekly schedule. I hope you all enjoy what’s to come and I wish you all a prosperous and rewarding 2012. :)

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