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2013 Begins

Posted 23:47
Sun 17 Febuary
by morgane

I hope everyone's 2013 is off to a great start. I figured that since it's February and I never added any news throughout 2012 that it was beyond time for me to update this. 2012 was a pretty exciting year...

For starters, on September 16th The Boyfriend became The Fiance! I'm super excited by this, and not because--as he says-- I can spend even more of his money on horsey things. The wedding will be held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado on July 6th, 2013; due to the disastrous nature of horses in weddings there will be no ponies involved. As excited as I am it's dawned on me just how ill-prepared I am to plan a wedding; I guess given my less than girly nature this isn't really a surprise to those who know me. Thankfully The Fiance has taken charge and has gotten most things done.

Another bit of exciting news is that in May I got my next dressage prospect. His name is For Willie (by For Compliment out of a Sandro Hit/Donnerhall/Pik Bube mare) and he's a 2010 Dutch gelding from DG Bar Ranch in CA. So far he's been an absolute joy to work with and has a huge personality. I've recently started backing him and cannot wait until he's going consistently under saddle. As with any young horse though, especially those you have huge aspirations for, I spend the majority of my time being paranoid that he'll kill himself before I ever sit on him (or kill me *when* I sit on him).

As some of you may remember (since you had all year to read it on the news part of my page that I never updated) my goal last year was to get my USDF bronze medal. Woody and I competed in our first show last April and received qualifying scores at 1st and 2nd; unfortunately though he hurt himself in the warmup and has been off ever since. :( Though we initially thought it was a soft tissue injury it's looking more like all the reining he did finally caught up to him in his hocks so we are currently exploring affordable options that might help with that. Despite the setback, and through the generosity of friends here in Reno, I was able to achieve all but one of my qualifying scores ( The majority of my scores came from riding Gerrit, a Friesian gelding. He is a super guy with impressive gaits but he is a tad on the sluggish side at times. He certainly made me work to keep him doing that whole forward thing; honestly, at one point it was an act of God that we continued to canter in the test (Note: there really is such a thing as the "Five Minute Friesian Warmup"). My favorite comment on that test was "Much kicking"...of course on that same test he got a "9" on a transition and a "10" on our halt so apparently "much kicking" isn't too egregious. My more recent 3rd level debut was on a mare I've been leasing this winter named Weltlady (Abby); you may remember from my comic that the announcer likes to call her "Wet Lady" which totally amuses my trainer Seana. Abby is the sort of mare that will give her person 110%--providing that you aren't a schmuck and that you ask her properly; if you jab her awkwardly with a spur you will hear about it. Abby also starts out somewhat creaky and if you don't get her honestly over and through her back she looks a little questionable which has been a great learning experience for me as there's no cheating on the basics with her, but it also makes taking her in the show ring again a bit sketchy. All that being said though, I really love that mare (she turned 18 this week!). If she's looking good and I have my crap together we may attend the Rancho Murietta show in April this year and try for my last score towards my bronze.

2012 was the first year I started attempting to ride and train full time for a living rather than teach high school. This transition occurred largely because we arrived in Reno after the school year had already begun and because the opportunity arose and I thought why not give it a go (I obviously chose to ignore reasons like horse people are crazy, trainers don't make a lot of money, you have no time for your own horses, the days are super long,... did I mention that horse people are crazy? ;)). In order to justify the attempt at an equine career I've also started my MBA so that if I can't cut it as a reputable trainer I can at least attempt to get back into the 'real' workforce without having to explain a huge gap where I went and played with ponies all day (but let's be honest, if you could play with ponies all day who wouldn't want to give it a try?).

Well, I believe I've updated you all on everything you might actually be interested to read. I'd like to thank everyone for supporting my site as well as my Facebook page (we're almost at 800 likes!). It's really exciting to me that people enjoy my work. :) I love reading your comments both here and on Facebook. Please let me know if there's anything you all would like to see or if there's anything specific you'd like in the Zazzle Store.

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